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Download free audio of the first 4 chapters

You can listen to the first four chapters right now!

Download now – this link will take you to a google Docs page and you can download the MP3. file size is 12MB.

If that file is too big, there’s a more compressed version here, but the sound quality isn’t as good. Try the other one first!

You can also stream it here at Soundcloud:

Special thanks to Barry Brimer at for masterful file compression and for bringing the text alive with footsteps, thunderstorms, passing trains and a soupcon of piano. If you need a sound file sweetened (as they call it in the trade), he’s your guy.

Where to buy My Memories of a Future Life


48 thoughts on “Download free audio of the first 4 chapters

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  3. You are bad for work! Instant mesmeric attention before the proper day began. That yoga room near the railway tracks and a pacing sanctimonious instructor had me bristling before she even started. Very well read Roz. I wanted to see how it was done that is the next alignment for me…if I live and muster belief.

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