The episodes, the complete novel and the print edition

All four episodes are now in the Kindle store, and if you prefer one conventional Kindle hit you can find the fully-grown, complete version too.

The print edition is now on sale at Amazon – USD$14.95.

The individual episodes will always be available, but the special launch price will end on 15 October. Until then, you can grab them for 0.99c, and after that they will each be at the full price of USD$2.99. The complete book on Kindle is USD $9.99.

So if you want to complete the collection at the special launch price, hie on over to your Amazon of choice now.

Episode 1 – The Red Season .com .co.uk .de

Episode 2 – Rachmaninov and Ruin .com .co.uk .de

Episode 3 – Like Ruby .com .co.uk .de

Episode 4 – The Storm .com .co.uk .de

Complete novel – .com .co.uk .de

2 thoughts on “The episodes, the complete novel and the print edition

  1. Very excited for the print edition! Will there be a UK Amazon release too, or should I import a copy?

    (Amazon.co.uk seems to have done something weird with the Kindle prices. The episodes are only £0.86 each but the complete novel is £7.28 – no idea where those figures came from!)

    1. Hi Dom!
      There will be an Amazon uk release but it takes a little longer to filter through the system. Judging by Nail Your Novel it will start at a higher price because of the postage but then it gets taken up by wholesalers – but that takes a few months and might not be as fast for fiction as non-fiction. So it might be better to import.

      The weird Kindle pricing is explained in the post above… The episodes were 0.86 as a launch price, but on Oct 15 will go up to full price – 2.99 in dollars, equivalent in sterling. The full novel will be 9.99 in US dollars, roughly £7ish in the UK. So if anyone wants to complete their collection at the launch offer price, grab them now.

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