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Random discoveries to fire up your writing – 3 weeks of maverick music at Q2

You know I’m a sucker for soundtracks to write by. Sometimes I like to choose them with deliberate care. Sometimes I put something on because the cover looked good, the track names are luscious and I really have no idea what will knock on my eardrums. The odder the better, obviously. It’s hit and miss, but occasionally something blazes out of the headphones and becomes indispensable.

If you’re like that too, and contemporary classical is your bag, you might like the American Mavericks season at Q2 Music. It’s running for three weeks, featuring collections curated by contemporary music icons such as David Byrne and Aaron Copland. All free, by the way. If you’re listening for random discoveries to fire up a session of writing, you couldn’t be in better hands.

You can listen on Q2’s website or on this fab widget, wizarded up by my friend Porter Anderson. I’m attempting to paste it here too but have no idea if it will work, so those of you receiving through RSS, where edits are not possible, might get a kooky bit of code at the end of this post. If it looks like nonsense, ignore it and I’ll be deleting it at MMOAFL HQ. But if you’re lucky, you might get American Mavericks one click closer. Happy writing

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