Undercover Soundtrack

‘I woke from a wondrous and startling dream’ – Mark Staufer

for logoI’ve often thought we need to be able to film our dreams. While we’re at it, can we please record the fully orchestrated music we compose in them? While I’ve slumbered, I’ve written albums that surpassed my favourite artistes, and when my eyes open they’re gone. My guest this week clearly thinks the same way. He woke from a dream and wished he could preserve it on film… not surprising as he is a scriptwriter and former head of production at Universal Studios. From this idea began a supernatural thriller – but no ordinary book.  He worked with a composer and sound designer to create a multimedia app that’s a book when you want to read and a musical experience when you choose to open your ears. And of course there are the secret pieces that showed him the souls and truths of his characters. He is Mark Staufer, and he’ll be here on Wednesday with his Undercover Soundtrack.

3 thoughts on “‘I woke from a wondrous and startling dream’ – Mark Staufer

  1. This is so exciting! Can’t wait to read Mark Staufer’s piece! I compose and sing music for film, and as a composer, singer and artistic producer of author’s book-trailers, I always envision my song as a feature for the character’s emotions in their novel and make the trailer into a mini-film with live action footage and enlist actors from film and Broadway to play the lead characters in the novel.

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