Undercover Soundtrack

‘Music used to be background noise… until this character’ – Helen Hollick

for logoMy guest this week used to regard music as a mostly-ignorable atmosphere. Then one inspirational moment changed everything. She was listening to Mike Oldfield when a character leaped, fully formed, into her imagination – an enigmatic pirate of the Caribbean, skilled with a cutlass and a roguish smile. This character also proved a turning point in her career, as her agent advised her that the adult readership did not want stories about pirates. But so strong was her conviction about the character that she wrote him anyway – and thus her indie career was born. She is Helen Hollick, her novels are the Sea Witch series, and she’ll be here on Wednesday with her Undercover Soundtrack. All say ‘arrr’.

2 thoughts on “‘Music used to be background noise… until this character’ – Helen Hollick

  1. Ooh, I LOVE Mike Oldfield – definitely music to write to for me too! (DId anyone see that fab documentary about him on BBC4 a couple of weeks ago?) And I read and adored “Sea Witch” over Christmas, too – so can’t wait to read what Helen Hollick has to say about the connection! Thanks, Roz, inspiring as ever!

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