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‘Cyclical melodies, beginnings and endings’ – Nicole Evelina

redpianoupdate-3I had a hard time this week picking just one pull quote to represent my guest’s work. She’s a writer of two halves – historical romantic fiction and contemporary romance. And she’s now also venturing into biographical historical fiction as well. The common thread is always music. A song by Sting that evoked for her a sense of an untold angle for the Arthurian legend. Or a friend who recommended music by The Civil Wars that gave her the opening and closing lines of a modern romance. What could be more fitting with Valentine’s just around the corner? Drop by tomorrow for the Undercover Soundtrack of Nicole Evelina.

4 thoughts on “‘Cyclical melodies, beginnings and endings’ – Nicole Evelina

  1. This is a fascinating series, Roz. I’ve been following it for a little while, and as a writer who also uses music as part of her writing / creative process, I really enjoy reading how music inspires other writers and their work. I’d love to volunteer for it some time… once I have a book out, of course.

    On a related note: Have you ever thought about doing a “music and writing” related post for Writers Helping Writers? It would be a nice tie-in with what you do here.

    1. Hello Sarah! Glad you like my little series. And what an excellent idea, to write about this for Becca and Angela. It’s definitely a topic close to my heart.
      And do contact me once you have a book that might be suitable! My email is rozmorriswriter at gmail dotcom.

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