for logo‘Sensational. This is one of those books I will come back to time and again, year after year. Roz Morris evokes every sense to portray her story of two very individual characters in a complex and destructive relationship, with a shocking twist. I was gripped from the first sentence to the last and simply want more. This is not just a novel. This is a masterclass.’ Jennet, Amazon

for logo‘I was seriously impressed by a writer of such skill and confidence. She dances between plausible reality and the shadowy realm of interpretation, underpinned by evident intelligence. A real corker, in fact.’
Jill Marsh, Words With Jam

for logo‘Fine writing, skilled storytelling, excellent pacing, twists, turns, and a story that both entertains and informs. What a welcome relief spending time under the spell of such a skilled artist. Amazingly different.’
Maryann Madsen

for logo‘As a bookseller I have to read 100s of books. Rarely do I read books more than once for pleasure – this book is one of them – it really is that good … Roz’s books .. are so good that I just leave copies on the counter, talk about them a bit and let them sell themselves.’
Peter Snell, Barton’s Bookshop, Leatherhead, Surrey

for logo‘Sinister elements reminiscent of The League of Gentlemen and The Prisoner ...  balance between intrigue, mild terror and charlatanism is perfectly maintained … I need to talk to someone about this book’
Ruby Barnes

for logo‘Read it – it’s unusual, intriguing and ultimately satisfying…  I loved it!’
Tessa Tangent


for logo‘Like John Fowles’s The Magus … combining an unsettling plot with hints of more beyond. It’s not the depressing realism of your typical Booker novelist or the light fluffiness of a slice of middle class city life. Enjoyed it immensely.’
Matt Kelland

for logo‘You really need to read this book, it is fantastic’
Dustin the Man

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Reviews in detail

Episode 1: The Red Season

Episode 2: Rachmaninov and Ruin

Episode 3: Like Ruby

Episode 4: The Storm

Reviews of the complete novel

Reviews outside of Amazon

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