2 Rachmaninov and Ruin

From Anita King ‘Raven’ – 5 stars ‘When is the next one out?’

Another intriguing episode. The Carol and Gene interaction is fascinating where Carol is clearly the mouse and Gene the cat. It is almost like a fatal attraction where you hope Carol will not get too entangled. But alas, as I don’t want to give anything away, I’ll stop here.

From Mr P South ‘Snouty’ – 5 stars ‘Just keeps getting better’

Still loving the story, and intrigued as to where Roz is going with this. It’s a testament to the taught plotting and sharp storytelling that I totally forget I’m reading a novel and completely buy the characters as real people. Wishing I had more time to read at the moment because I want to get through this part and get to the next bit as fast as possible.

A joy to read, refreshingly crisp prose, tantalising character sketches, mysterious goings on, but all couched in such ordinary surroundings. Would actually make a very good film and I for one am gagging to make it. Wonder if the rights would be cheap if I get in before she inevitably becomes fabulously famous?

From Andrew R – 5 stars ‘Continuing excellence’

Episode 2 continues the story in strong style and moves the protagonist out of London down to a sleepy village as a substitute singing teacher. Coincidentally (or not) the therapist from the first part is there, and their encounters give us more of a glimpse of the strange future life of the heroine.

All of the points I made in my review of part 1 are valid here; The story is excellent and engaging, and I can’t wait to read the third and fourth parts.

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