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‘This song was the sway of her hips’ – Adrienne Thompson

for logoMy guest this week says she discovers characters through songs – from the outline of their stance to the troubled depths in their souls. For her, this is when the book comes alive and she understands what pulls the characters together – and what will drive them apart. Certain songs became the mental habitats for particular scenes and she played them over and over until she had understood them fully. Her name is Adrienne Thompson and she describes her books as inspirational fiction with a twist – and she’ll be here on Wednesday with her Undercover Soundtrack.

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‘Art that engages the sixth sense’ – Tom Bradley

for logoMy guest this week is part of a program that publishes unusual fiction that drenches all the senses. He describes Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin as both the ‘inner ear’ and the central nervous system of his novels which were written as collaborations with artists. His Undercover Soundtrack is wonderful, eerie, apocalyptic and elastic; his name is Tom Bradley – and you can meet him here on Wednesday.

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‘Music for darkness, isolation and understated romance’ – Stacy Green

for logoIt’s an extra pleasure to be hosting this week’s guest. For a number of years we’ve corresponded about agents, publishing options and writing questions, and many of her queries have resulted in useful posts at the Purple Blog. Now here she is with her first novel, a romantic thriller called Into the Dark, published by MuseItUp. If you guessed she needed a dark soundtrack you wouldn’t be far wrong. She is Stacy Green and she’ll be here on Wednesday with her Undercover Soundtrack.

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‘I look for clever, lyrical music with a twinge of melancholy’ – Catherynne M Valente

‘Music and fairyland go hand in hand’ writes my Undercover Soundtrack guest this week. After cueing up her playlist I can assure you this fairyland is not just rich and strange, but funky, cheeky, cheesy, sassy, riotous, ridiculous and whimsical. It’s hardly surprising then that her novels and poetry have been nominated for numerous awards, including the Mythopoeic, the Lambda, the Hugo, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula. Deeply fond of writing to music, she’s also closed the musical circle by inspiring three albums by singer/songwriter S.J. Tucker. She is Catherynne M Valente, and she’ll be here on Wednesday talking about The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making.

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‘Striking, beautiful and right’ – at Awfully Big Reviews

‘I have had to wrestle with monsters of professional jealousy to review this book.’ Susan Price at Awfully Big Reviews seems to have quite liked My Memories of a Future LifeHer review is here

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